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Mode of Payment

Please Note : College Security, Migration Fees, Conveyance Fees, University Enrolment Fees will be charged extra from the concerned subjects.
FINES: (from defaulters only)

a. Absence for a period - Rs. 10/-
b. Absence from each practical. - Rs. 10/-
c. Absence from tutorial period - Rs. 5/-
d. Absence for the whole day - Rs. 10/-
e. Absence from morning assembly- Rs. 10/-
f. For plucking flowers - Rs. 10/-
g. Absence from House Exam. - Rs. 10/- (Each paper)
h. Loss of Cycle Token - Rs. 20/-
i. Loss of College badge - Rs. 20/-
j. Loss of Identity card - Rs. 20/-
k. For tampering with the notices at Notice Boards- Rs. 100/-
l. Absence from N.C.C. Period - 10/-
(Only for those who have joined NCC)

Please Note:

a. A student getting late for her class will be treated as absent for the purpose of the fine.
b. A student should read carefully the notice board to know the orders of the college authorities from time to time. Ignorance of rules will be no excuse for the defaulters.

For an “Act of Indiscipline” any strict action can be taken by the Principal in addition to fine, if it is required for the interest of the institution.

1. Dues once paid will not be returned (both college as well as hostel dues)
2. Security not claimed within six months after the date of leaving the college will lapse in favour of the college and if any student leaves the college before the completion of the session, her security automatically lapses.
3. A late fee fine Rs. 5/- per day with maximum of Rs. 20/- will be charged if the fee is not deposited on the fixed day.
4. Any increase or decrease may be made in fees or dues in case there is any instruction from the higher authorities (DPI C) Punjab, GNDU, Amritsar or any other higher authority).
5. A student’s name will be struck off on non-payment of the dues. She may be re-admitted on payment of Rs. 100/-, readmission fee and late fee fine of Rs. 5/- each day.
6. Principal can cancel the admission of any student during the session without assigning any reason, if it is in the interest of the institution. In such cases the entire amount of dues paid by the students will stand forfeited.

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